About Dr. Robby Wyatt

Dr. Wyatt was born and raised in North Houston where he spent most of his time outdoor fishing, hunting, and racing BMX. His parents were lifelong chiropractic patients, so his journey with chiropractic began just after birth. The rough and tumble life of a young boy playing sports and crashing his bike was kept on track by the family chiropractor, Dr. Stephen Capps, D.C. Dr. Capps was a major proponent of getting chiropractic care into the armed services for our military service men and women.

Dr. Wyatt had his first kidney stone when he was 18 years old and was told by 5 separate specialists that the stone was too large and would need to be surgically removed. His mother was not satisfied with that she was being told and took him to Dr. Capps to see if chiropractic could alleviate some of the pain. Dr. Capps performed a thorough exam, took x-rays, and explained there was no guarantee he could help the stone pass. However, he felt he could make a difference with the pain. 

The treatment consisted of a very specific spinal adjustment, deep heat (diathermy), and ultrasound over the kidney that was affected by the stone. Dr. Wyatt experienced significant pain reduction and was able to sleep through the night. The next morning the large kidney stone broke into several smaller stones and the back spasms subsided, allowing all of the stones to pass with only mild pain. 

Shortly after this experience, Dr. Wyatt decided he wanted to help people achieve greater health and decided the Chiropractic profession was the best solution. Three year later, while working full-time and attending undergraduate school, he enrolled in Texas Chiropractic College. He graduated with this Doctor of Chiropractic degree by the age of 25. 

Dr. Wyatt continues to avidly enjoy the outdoors with a special affinity for the Texas coastline. He enjoys sharing this with his lovely wife, Terry, and their three children; Megan, James, and Hannah. 

Dr. Robby Wyatt
Dr Wyatt and wife
Dr Wyatt and family
Dr Wyatt fishing

I feel so much better after my time at CORE Chiropractic, they are professional and flexible, glad I went to see If they could help with hip and shoulder neck pain. Would definitely recommend you give them a visit if you think you need to see a chiropractor!

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