Do Headaches Annoy You Like They Did Me?

I know right now there are millions of people just like me. People that think getting a headache everyday is just a part of life, and it doesn’t seem like there’s anything we can do about it. This was me at 25 years old, right before I first saw a chiropractor. My neck didn’t hurt, […]

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The Hidden Cause of Neck Pain

Many people deal with neck pain daily, sometimes it comes from a trauma or accident, or maybe a history of playing sports. However, in the cases where it seemingly comes out of nowhere, and doesn’t go away on its own, what’s the cause? When looking at the cause of any pain, you have to remember […]

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3 Everyday Activities That Cause Neck and Back Pain

During a consultation with a new patient, one of the most common comments I hear from a patient that is trying to describe their pain is, “I don’t understand why I have this pain, I didn’t do anything!” It is human nature to look for a singular cause, the smoking gun that led to our […]

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