Deep Relief After A Chiropractic Adjustment

Millions of people around the world experience the very deep and unique relief that chiropractic adjustments provide. In our offices we see a wide variety of patients ranging from athletes all the way to sedentary and older patients. There are also many reasons why people visit a chiropractic office beyond low back pain. In any given day at CORE Chiropractic we might see patients with elbow pain, headaches, numbness and tingling, and weakness, just to name a few symptoms. All of these patients can routinely experience the very unique type of relief that only a chiropractic adjustment can provide. 

Even though we as chiropractors are so fortunate to help so many people with such varied types of injuries by providing safe, effective chiropractic adjustments, the reality is that we still see a relatively small percentage of the population. That means there is a chance that you have never seen a chiropractor in your life and consequently haven't benefitted from a visit. This bothers me and many of my colleagues quite a bit, because we understand that every day you spend dealing with pain and not using chiropractic care is another day when you are more likely to not be present mentally with your family and with your professional life. Every day you spend in pain takes you a little bit closer to taking medications that have real side effects. And truthfully, every day you spend in pain is another day you have not lived life fully.

So I wanted to take a few moments to explain what the chiropractic adjustment is, how the adjustment can change your body, and why you should feel confident about scheduling a consultation so you can experience the deep relief that only chiropractic can provide. 

After reading this article you should be familiar with the following: 

  • What is the chiropractic adjustment?
  • How can the chiropractic adjustment change your body and give you deep relief?
  • Why you should feel confident about getting a chiropractic adjustment?

What Is The Chiropractic Adjustment?

Have you ever tried to solve a puzzle? When putting the pieces together even if one is out of place the puzzle will not be solved. Just one piece out of place will require your attention so that you make the proper adjustment and place that piece in its intended position. 

Similarly, the spine works a bit like a puzzle. All the bones that make up your spine have a place. These bones (called "vertebra" for singular and "vertebrae" for plural) have very specific and different functions depending on where they exist along your spine. Another way of saying this is that a vertebra from your neck would be completely out of place in your lower back and vice versa. In fact, if you show me a picture of a vertebra I could most likely tell you approximately where in the spine it belongs to...just by looking at its shape! Very much like different pieces in a puzzle look different and their shape dictates where in the puzzle they need to exist, vertebrae also have unique shapes that make them function specifically in one area of the spine.

We rarely see a low back vertebra in the neck (that would be wild), but what we do see is another type of misalignment: A vertebra that is no longer in place and becomes "stuck" makes your whole back not move properly. Additionally, a vertebra that is misaligned and "stuck" will also affect the nerves next to it causing pain, numbness or tingling. And the longer a misalignment takes place the higher the chances of creating irreversible damage to the spine through a process called degeneration. So, is a misaligned vertebra a big problem? We are extremely confident in saying yes! So what tool do you have at your disposal to deal with these dangerous misalignments of the spine? You may have guessed correctly: The chiropractic adjustment. 

The chiropractic adjustment is the process by which a trained professional (chiropractor) places specific degrees of force in a particular direction or "line of drive" in order to take a vertebra from a misaligned position to a healthier position. The adjustment takes place without medications that can cause side effects and without breaking the skin. The objective of the adjustment, taking a vertebra to a better place of alignment, is a critical point because in order for your chiropractor to know how to properly adjust you, he or she needs to understand how your vertebrae are positioned. So to get a good adjustment, talk to a chiropractor who can read your x-rays and understand the positioning of your vertebrae. At CORE Chiropractic we take x-rays, when necessary, to ensure we are delivering the highest grade of chiropractic care possible. If you would like to experience a professional examination at our clinic schedule a New Patient Exam today by clicking the link below:

Real talk: Do not let untrained friends and family "pop" your back! My colleague Dr. Kevin Wafer wrote an excellent post about this topic which you can read here

How Can The Chiropractic Adjustment Give You Deep Relief?

Effective chiropractic care is structured to provide you with deep relief: Changes in your body that will take you to a different level of health, one where you can move better and perform better. How is this possible? The answer has to do with what the chiropractic adjustment actually does.

We have considered in the first section of the post how the chiropractic adjustment intends to change the position of the bones in your spine from misaligned to more aligned. Now that is really just the beginning of the story as the chiropractic adjustment can affect three very important structures, all of which have a crucial role in your health and wellbeing:

  1. 1
    Nerves: Every vertebra in your body is connected to nerves that transmit information to the rest of your body. If your nerves are being irritated, or even compressed, by a vertebra or bone that is out of place you will experience the symptoms associated with injured nerves. These symptoms can include pain, numbness, tingling, and even weakness! With an expert chiropractic adjustment you can take pressure or irritation off the nerve making you feel deep relief. When you are no longer experiencing pain, numbness, or even weakness the quality of your life improves dramatically. But remember: only a professional chiropractor who preferably takes proper x-rays can give you the most optimal chiropractic adjustment.  
  2. 2
    Muscles: Every bone in your body that moves is controlled by muscles. When you hear the word "muscles" you may think of all the big superficial muscles that are very noticeable in people who lift a bunch of weights. These superficial muscles are certainly important but you have many other muscles that you cannot really see that influence your pain and discomfort, they are called the multifidi.  Once these muscles are injured, they need proper care for them to start working appropriately, and they don't respond to traditional stretches. Moreover, if the multifidi are injured they will give you pain and discomfort, the same complaints that drive patients to our chiropractic clinic. A key point about these multifidi muscles is they are connected to the bones in your spine. So when a professional chiropractor expertly performs an adjustment he or she is also helping the multifidi muscles, and this is one of the ways that an adjustment can give you very deep and long-lasting relief! So if your back feels tight and painful you might not only have a vertebra or bone out of place, your muscles might also be screaming for help. Therefore, do not deny your spine muscles the therapy they crave and start getting adjusted by a professional chiropractor so you can experience deep relief in you back.  
  3. 3
    Ligaments: Have you ever rolled an ankle? That means you injured a ligament around your ankle joint. This can be very painful and restrictive. Guess what? You also have ligaments in your spine, and very much like a rolled ankle an injured spinal ligament can cause pain and stiffness. But what are ligaments to begin with? Think of ligaments as the glue that binds joints together. They are mostly collagen and without them we would all fall apart. But just like any tissue in the body, ligaments can get injured by falling, by sleeping night after night in poor posture, or even by sitting in front of your computer every day without taking breaks or without doing much exercise. How do you know if you may have injured spinal ligaments? Common symptoms include stiffness, pain that does not go away with massages, and feeling really sore in your spine after exercise. If this sounds like you, then you really need to get examined by a chiropractor. After ruling out conditions that may be responsible for your pain, your chiropractor will deliver a safe and effective chiropractic adjustment. When the spine starts to move better after an adjustment the ligaments attached to the bones will also start to heal. Having healthier and more flexible spine ligaments after chiropractic adjustments will provide you with the deep relief that so many patients around the world have already experienced. 

Real talk: The activities you do every day have an extremely important influence on your ability to get better from chiropractic care. Learn about 3 activities that can give you neck and pain pain by clicking here

Why Should You Feel Confident About Getting A Chiropractic Adjustment Today?

At CORE Chiropractic, all of our chiropractors are extremely concerned about the safety of our patients. We simply do not take any chances when it comes to ensuring the treatment we provide is safe and effective. Additionally, we employ the most optimal examination techniques so that we are able to determine if you belong in another office. 

When patients come to CORE Chiropractic for the first time, and especially if they have never seen a chiropractor before, they might have a number of concerns stemming from things they have heard from friends or articles they have read online. Some of the questions that we get from new patients are the following: Do I have a fracture? Do I have a bulging disc? Is my spine broken? Do I have a pinched nerve?

Do any of these questions sound familiar to you? Well you can rest assured that when you visit CORE Chiropractic you will encounter a team of professionals who have received extensive training to detect and identify all sorts of conditions pertaining to the spine. Additionally, CORE Chiropractic is one of the premier offices in Houston that takes x-rays so that we can further notice if there is an issue with the bones of the spine that might need attention at another office. We simply take the most optimal care of our patients because we treat them as if they were our own family. 

We like to create a "win-win" situation for our patients: If you have pain in your spine or in your back you only have an upside...or a "win-win" when coming to CORE Chiropractic. Either you will win by receiving the deep relief that you can only get from chiropractic adjustments or you will also win by receiving an expert evaluation so you know how to take care of your particular injury.

So do not hesitate and schedule your New Patient Exam today by clicking the link below:

About the Author Dr. Miguel Millan

Dr. Millan has over a decade of experience over thousands of treatments, helping a wide variety of patients including athletes, post-surgical patients, and chronic pain patients. He is interested in allowing his patients understand the role of their spine in their health and wellbeing. Dr. Millan is originally from Venezuela and is fluent in English and Spanish

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