About Dr. Miguel Millan

Dr. Miguel Millan was born in Barquisimeto, Venezuela. He was afforded the opportunity to travel extensively as a young boy which allowed him to become bilingual fairly early in life. Additionally, Dr. Millan was able to cultivate interest in many areas including healthcare.

After a friend suffered a sports injury and received relief from chiropractic care Dr. Millan decided he was going to pursue that discipline in college. So after finishing high school Dr. Millan mover to St. Louis, Missouri, and concluded both his undergraduate studies and chiropractic school at Logan University.

While in student clinic Dr. Millan was able to see how people from various backgrounds were able to find relief from chiropractic care so effectively and at such a lower cost compared to more invasive medical treatments.

Dr. Millan has been fortunate to practice in many types of settings ranging from independent clinics, multidisciplinary groups, hospitals, and pain management centers. This experience has allowed his to understand healthcare from various angles.

Dr. Millan has a twin sister who is an occupational therapist and a younger sister who is a registered dietician. He travels to Spain at least once a year to visit his father. Hiking and running are two passions for Dr. Millan, Yosemite National Park being his absolute favorite place on earth. You can probably catch Dr. Millan running around the trails and streets of Houston after work and during the weekends.

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