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My Chiropractic Story

I am unbelievably lucky. Unlike most people, I do not know what a life without chiropractic care is like. When I was growing up, my mom worked for a chiropractor, and she took me to get my first adjustment at six weeks old. I honestly remember seeing a chiropractor far more often than the pediatrician when I was growing up. As a child, I really never understood why my mom took me to see our chiropractor, I certainly didn’t have any neck or lower back pain, I would just get excited to hear the “pops.” Seeing the chiropractor was part of our regular routine.

When I tell people this, they automatically jump to the conclusion that I have always wanted to be a chiropractor. Which could not be further from the truth. Until the time I was 12 or 13 I thought I would be catching for the Astros at my current age. Unfortunately, I quickly came to the realization that I did not have near the athletic ability necessary to play Major League Baseball. As I got a little older I figured out that I was much better at school than sports. I really enjoyed math and science, especially chemistry, and excelled in both subjects as well. As I began searching for majors, I found that chemical engineering combined my love for both subjects. So, I decided I was going to become a chemical engineer.

I enrolled as a chemical engineering major at the University of Texas at Austin, I spent two and half years in the program, and I was miserable. I felt like all I was doing was calculating how water was flowing through a pipe, and I knew that I could not spend the rest of my life doing that. So, I changed my major to chemistry, mainly because it was the only thing that I could switch to without completely starting over my degree plan. Once I got to a semester before graduating, I knew that I didn’t want to work in a lab my whole life and didn’t want to go to graduate school for chemistry. I felt like I had just wasted four years of college.

What Do I Do Now?

My final summer before graduation from UT, I decided to go see my chiropractor for an adjustment. This was the same chiropractor who adjusted me as an infant. He was now 85 years old and still practicing every day. He had tried retirement a couple of times and had decided it wasn’t for him.

During the adjustment, I clearly remember him asking, “So Kevin, what do you plan on doing for the rest of your life?” I told him that I did not have any idea and that I felt like I had just wasted four years of my life.

After the adjustment, he took me back to his office and we started talking. He began to explain what chiropractic was truly about, and how chiropractic was not just about neck and back pain. He explained to me how the nervous system controlled everything that happened in our bodies. How the brain sends messages through the spinal cord and out through spinal nerves to every part of our body. How the nerves that start in the upper portion of the neck go the the head and sinuses. The nerves in our mid back go to the heart and lungs, and the nerves in our lower back went to our digestive organs. He explained how chiropractic care properly aligned the spine and was necessary for a healthy body, and how chiropractic could help with so much more than just back pain.

My “Aha” Moment

And that is when it hit me. That is why my mom had been taking me to see the chiropractor throughout my childhood. It wasn’t to help with pain, because I didn’t have pain. It was to make sure that my spine, and as a result my body, were as healthy as possible. I started thinking back to my childhood and how I was never one of kids that was always sick and out of school. Sure I had the occasional cold, but I was never like my classmates who seemed to constantly be sick and missing class.

At that moment, I decided that if I could help people live a healthier life, and if my chiropractor could practice for sixty years and still love it, that was good enough for me. I was going to become a chiropractor.

I graduated from UT the next semester and enrolled in chiropractic school two weeks later. I have now been in practice for almost 8 years, and I absolutely love it. I don’t feel like I go to work every day and I can’t imagine doing anything else. Even though I’m a chiropractor, I’m still a chiropractic patient. Not because I have neck pain or back pain. But because I know chiropractic care is essential for a healthy body. And in 8 years of practice, I have never taken a sick day. I fully attribute that to a lifetime under chiropractic care.

You Don’t Have to Be in Pain to See a Chiropractor

I wrote this blog post not only so that you could hear my story, but also so that you can understand that you don’t need to have pain in order see a chiropractor. I firmly believe that chiropractic care is essential for a truly healthy body. Don’t forget that just because you don’t have symptoms doesn’t mean that you don’t have a problem.

Far too often patients wait until they have pain to come into the office. But chiropractic care is about so much more than that. Not only can chiropractic care help with neck and back pain, it also has been proven to help with conditions such as asthma, acid reflux and infantile colic. And not only can chiropractic care correct the cause of these problems, it can also help prevent them from occurring in the future.

So, you don’t need to wait until you are in pain, or have another health issue, to see a chiropractor. I am an example of someone who has remained healthy and pain free as a result of consistent chiropractic care.

About the Author Dr. Kevin Wafer

Dr. Kevin Wafer was born and raised in Spring, TX. Since his mother worked as a chiropractic assistant, he spent much of his childhood in a chiropractic clinic and was adjusted for the first time at only 3 months of age. Click Here To Read Full Bio

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