Just Some Of Our Patient Reviews...

Fernanda Dantas
16:16 18 Jan 22
Good care, efficient service, fair price
Robb Gobert
23:31 14 Jan 22
This place saved and changed my life. I can't recommend them highly enough. The staff is great.
Scott Eunson
17:25 12 Jan 22
Dr Wafer and his staff were very professional and addressed all of my questions and concerns. I highly recommend his practice!
Alex De Sousa
23:22 03 Jan 22
Nina B.
04:28 26 Dec 21
I can't say enough great things about CORE. Dr. Cooper is excellent. The office staff is always friendly and helpful. My husband started going here to avoid surgery for a bulging disc in his back. Dr. Cooper came up with a treatment plan, was very up front and transparent about the length of time it would take to address the problem. He worked around my husband's pain and adjusted the treatment as needed. My husband went from walking hunched over with a walker or cane to standing up straight! His pain went from extreme to almost non-existent. He looks forward to going to his appointments because the decompression makes him feel so much better. Highly recommend these folks!
Penny Tacker
19:45 21 Dec 21
Excellent service and the staff very friendly.
Noel Moreno
02:19 18 Dec 21
Dr Kevin Wafer takes the time to listen to your concerns, does a very detailed examination and then proposes a treatment plan. He also educates first time Chiropractic patients about the limitiations and feasibility of this method of spinal care. The staff are very organized. They treat you will and do every thing possible to work with your schedule. During the course of treatment Dr Wafer always requests feedback to ensure his treatment is yielding the right results. The office has very good equipment and is maintained very well and kept clean. I have been impressed by my first ever Chiropractic experience. I highly recommend this practice to anybody needing spinal care and corrective adjustments.
Vino Philip
19:45 02 Dec 21
Excellent service!! Dr Wafer is awesome and is always there for your needs as a great chiropractor.
01:18 01 Dec 21
Nawal Jabr
07:17 30 Nov 21
Ana Magdaleno
15:21 24 Nov 21
Carolina Pieve
00:38 19 Nov 21
Professional, friendly service.
Tom DeScioli
20:22 18 Nov 21
I had lower back pain for two years and finally decided to visit a chiropractor, although I was very skeptical of chiropractors in general. Not only did Dr. Kevin at CORE help alleviate my back pain, he only scheduled my treatment until I felt better and then tapered off the sessions. I was under the impression that once you start going to a chiropractor, you'll have to keep going for years. Apparently that's not true, and Dr. Kevin really knows what he's doing.
Joshua Sebesta
17:24 17 Nov 21
Danielle T
14:47 13 Nov 21
John Bogna
17:35 05 Nov 21
There are only two places in houston that I feel have 100% amazing service each time, very consistent. This is one of them. The front reception staff is always so nice, and as well as the doctors. Very satisfied with their service and have recommended them to so many people.
nadya campos
16:32 29 Oct 21
I highly recommend CORE Chiropractic. Dr Wafer and his staff are very kind and professional.
Mom Diggity
15:57 18 Oct 21
Debra Davis
17:24 15 Oct 21
19:42 05 Oct 21
Not sure why I waited so long to investigate the options for my extreme lower back and hip pain. I suffered until I could barely walk without horrific pain. I need to continue my full time job, so I called CORE CHIROPRACTIC. Miss Erin got me in within two hours. After a full workup, I am thrilled with a plan to get my body back to living life! After ONLY my third treatment today, I have so much confidence that I will be able to walk my dog again.
Cecily Nichols
00:44 01 Oct 21
Natalia Gonzalez
18:15 16 Sep 21
I highly recommend Dr. Wafer. He and the Core Chiropractic staff are very professional and welcoming. I had thrown out my back and was in so much pain and I could barely walk when I first met Dr. Wafer. After my first appointment, I felt so much pain relief.
Verónica Salinas-Anderson
18:22 01 Sep 21
Service is always friendly and quick. I love going here
Morgan Thigpen
16:08 01 Sep 21
Linda Graves
22:25 26 Aug 21
Dr. Wafer and Team are the best. Best chiropractor ever! Important to follow through with appointments. They are very accommodating and flexible. They make it very simple, in and out in no time. Very clean facility and great customer service. They offer services but never pushy. I definitely recommend them.
Isabella Rigdon
15:30 24 Aug 21
Greater Houston Roofing LLC
18:38 20 Aug 21
Dr. Kevin Wafer has helped me out several times. I was on bedrest for 3 months before giving birth, and my hip was out of alignment. He helped get it back in place and I always feel better after going. Great staff and great service. Would highly recommend going to CORE Chiropractic and seeing Dr. Wafer.
Amanda Eastep (US)
17:27 18 Aug 21
Office staff is always so welcoming and engaging. Dr Wafer is very personable and has an outstanding bedside manner!!
Angie Iglehart
22:02 10 Aug 21
Huy Nguyen
00:19 30 Jul 21
Dr. Wafer and the staff at Core are outstanding ! I went for the first time for severe headaches and neck and back pain about 5 years ago. After A well communicated and well executed treatment plan I felt 100% better in a relatively short amount of time (months not years). No surgery to date and only occasional OTC pain meds when I overdo golf or exercise. But that’s rare. If I’m good about going 1-2 times aMonth in maintenance mode life stays great !!! Thanks Dr Wafer and staff !! You folks are awesome !!
shawn vigeant
22:31 26 Jul 21
Larry Stephenson
19:37 27 May 21
The most welcoming and friendly atmosphere. Every visit has been an enjoyable one!!
Latoshia B
00:09 26 May 21
Very nice and friendly environment! Everyone is very professional and kind.
ryan ju
22:10 17 May 21
The experience could not be more professional, educational or kinder!We were told every step thoroughly and knew what to expect financially and physically.Looking forward to our follow up visit!I would highly recommend Core - Energy Corridor!
Shawn Myers
14:21 10 May 21
Maria Pizarro
20:44 07 May 21
I just visited Core Chiropractic in the Energy Corridor and I am so glad I did. They really took the time to understand where my discomfort was coming from, they then explained step by step in detail the process. My X-rays were taken then I was off to receive my adjustment that gave me some immediate relief. I highly recommend them and look forward to my next visit...thank you so much for the professionalism and great experience.
Ruben Sierra
03:09 07 May 21
Jessica Mejia
21:53 12 Mar 21
Had a very good experience with the physicians and staff at Core Chiropractic, west location. They were very thorough in their analysis and answered all my questions! I feel that patient wellness is their number one concern!
JoJo Merlino
20:27 12 Mar 21
Explain everything clearly and hear your concerns. They show your progress which you start your feeling as well.
Rubi Avila
14:17 05 Mar 21
Dr Wafer does great work. Always satisfied with treatment
Dan Scott
16:01 22 Feb 21
Medina Oikeh
02:33 02 Feb 21
No wait. Super clean and convenient location. Friendly, respectful staff who call you by name. VERY FLEXIBLE! Would recommend to my family and friends.
Jessica Blazer
23:00 11 Jan 21
Sherri Williams
17:36 18 Dec 20
My lower back problems have virtually disappeared thanks to routine care from the staff and doctors. I love the spinal decompression, and the chiropractic adjustments help me immensely. I highly recommend.
Stuart Davis
20:10 06 Dec 20
This was my very first chiropractor session so I didn’t know what to expect and I have nothing to compare to, but overall the entire office was pleasant and efficient. Scheduling online was a breeze and I was seen that same day. Both doctors were very amiable, patient, and knowledgeable. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to having an adjustment but the experience was as painless as could be expected. Too early to tell if my underlying issue will be relieved through adjustments but we’ll see.Plus easy access and free parking.
Joshua Gordon
23:15 03 Dec 20
bobby torres
00:38 25 Nov 20
Richard Rosso
18:51 17 Nov 20
Exceptional service. Highly recommend!
Amber Waskow
03:52 10 Nov 20
Brittany Brown
18:17 04 Nov 20
Linda ReyesCorley
00:03 23 Oct 20
Very well-organized and excellent attention to the patients. The doctor gives detailed treatment and assessment explanations. Although they were short-staffed , I was VERY impressed!
21:16 14 Oct 20
LOVE Dr Wafer and his staff! Always on time and feel so much better when I leave😊
Caroline Perez
14:13 06 Oct 20
Exceptional service! Reasonable fees! Immediate results!
Emotional Blackamile Brand
20:05 05 Oct 20
Good first visit. Got some relief from the relief from the adjustment. Hopefully we are on the right track. Meet with Dr. Wafer again on Thursday to review the x-ray and the details of his plan to rid me of the pain.
Lloyd Waguespack
05:13 23 Sep 20
Hiram Rodriguez
21:58 21 Sep 20
Dr. Wafer and his staff at Core Chiropractic is always available to schedule a last minute appointment for when you really need that adjustment! I am respiratory therapist in a very demanding hospital, and Dr. Wafer always works around my schedule to keep me out of pain. The staff is always professional, and takes extra measures for sanitizing all equipment after use.
Rachel Clevenger
05:13 17 Sep 20
Been coming here since 2017 and couldn’t have found a better Chiropractor 👨‍⚕️ Living with chronic back pain is terrible, but with the help of Core - I’ve been able to function better! Highly recommend! They got my BACK! 😅
Asim Khan
16:23 31 Aug 20
Garner Avenue
18:36 18 Aug 20
I have a lot of pain in my neck for four weeks after three visits I am I’m 100% free pain.Tenía mucho dolor por cuatro semanas en mi nuca y cuello después de tres visitas con el doctor estoy casi cero de dolor súper feliz.
Luis Salazar
14:17 07 Aug 20
I highly recommend CORE Chiropractic, especially Dr. Kevin Wafer. He helped me with my back problems.
Gulnur Zhaimuldina
22:54 03 Aug 20
They are very clean, the atmosphere is so phenomenal.
Stunning Olugbode
22:42 21 Jul 20
Dayle Walker
03:15 06 Jul 20
If you're looking for a chiropractor who can get your posture corrected and keep it in a good healthy state then Dr. Wafer is the doctor you should see. He has help me immensely. Thanks Doc
Bert Glessner
00:06 22 May 20
Dr Wafer is awesome. He gives a sense of peace and I always feel better walking out of there.
n m
15:49 09 May 20
I count on these folks to keep me feeling good!!Keep up the great work.
Rebecca Morgan
19:15 30 Apr 20
I loved the fact that you could smell that Core Chiropractic cleaned in between patience. Felt comfortable going without concern of catching something. I went in the beginning and got better so I quit going. Had to swallow my pride and return as I realized not keeping up with the routine maintenance was placing me back in misery. I’ve been going to my regularly scheduled visits and have been 99% pain free for years now.
Ruth Rogers
14:56 20 Apr 20
I was referred to Dr. Wafer by my sister-in-law, who was recovering from lower back pain. I followed Dr. Wafer recommendations, stretching exercise videos, changed my sleeping position with a body pillow which have all helped alleviate my lower back pain. I continue to visit monthly to ensure my back and neck alignment stays healthy. Dr. Wafer is professional, friendly and offers an accommodating schedule for office visits. I am very satisfied with the care received from Core Chiropractic.
22:49 15 Apr 20
Marilee Canady
16:12 11 Apr 20
Had a great experience at core. The doctors were very kind and the workplace was professional.
Rita Henry
00:14 04 Mar 20
Friendly people. Very attentive. My back feels amazing.
Paula Duffield
02:51 30 Jan 20
Michele Russell
20:40 25 Jan 20
Charlott Westmoreland
17:18 23 Jan 20
Exceptional first experience! The staff here is friendly and professional.
Mario Balams
20:59 08 Jan 20
Indu A
14:13 31 Dec 19
ruchira mattoo
17:25 22 Dec 19
Dr. Wafer, Dr. Wyatt and their team are amazing! They actually listened to my concerns and answered any question that I had. They never made me feel like I was asking a “silly” question. I’ve been dealing with neck and shoulder pain and after my first week, I’ve never felt better! Scheduling is very flexible. Erin and Bailey are very attentive and make the process easy!
Dieu Cazares
17:27 17 Dec 19
Khusro Waliulla
18:26 14 Dec 19
Dr answered all my questions, also receptionist Erin was very sweet. Grate staff and grate Dr’s.
Lizett Bolanos
17:13 13 Dec 19
I have been having neck pain and dizziness issues for years. Went to many doctors and chiropractors and I couldn’t get the answers I need. Core chatiopractor took xrays from my first visit and now I am on the right path to fix the issue. I highly recommend them.
Jessy Karam
18:55 11 Dec 19
I went for the first time a week ago because of sometimes sever lower back pain. I have not had any back pain since my first visit and we are working on alignment issues so I will continue to be pain free. They explained the xray results clearly and developed a plan that makes total sense. Great experience.
Ned Mulligan
21:37 09 Dec 19
My husband and I have been seeing Dr. Wafer for 6 years. He’s awesome! Super personable, quick but effective adjustments and just a great guy. His staff are always welcoming as well.
Rachel Kimball
20:49 07 Dec 19
Very accommodating with getting me in for an adjustment and I always feel much better after my visit. Dr. Wafer and his staff are very caring to their patients. Highly recommended.
Brenda Glessner
01:48 07 Dec 19
Dr Wafer is the best! I always feel so much better after an adjustment. Emily and Arianna in the front office are so friendly and helpful. The entire staff make it a great experience every time.
Sharlotte Shandera
00:01 02 Dec 19
I had been to our Family practice A few injections and some medications.Three days later I was in the emergency. The pain was debilitating,Set of X-rays andInjectable pain medication. Sent home.2 discs in my back were pinching my sciatic nerve. Referral to the” specialist”Who never examined me and never brought the x-rays to me. change my whole pain treatment plan... see you in 30 days .Within a week I was at core chiropractic on St. Mary’s.horrible debilitating pain. I could bend over. But at this point I couldn’t stand straight.The staff was very attentive and very friendly. As well as both doctors. I was seen within two hours of my phone call. After a full exam and a set of x-rays. both doctors consulted with me.Dr. Wafer and Dr.Wyatt Had a treatment plan for me. On the same day I had a few adjustments. I was able to stand up after two visits. I still have a ways to go with my treatment plan... but ultimately I feel this is the best decision.
Nancy Moritz
19:25 27 Nov 19
Very professional, friendly, on time and organized.
Kamran Haghpeykar
18:57 22 Nov 19
Ariel Reyes
17:03 20 Nov 19
Enrique Benavides
17:01 16 Nov 19
Eric Strobel
03:36 11 Nov 19
Zoey Chen
17:36 09 Nov 19
Georgia LaGrange
17:02 07 Nov 19
I walked into Dr. Wafer's office in some pretty serious neck pain. Less than a week later, I'm realizing just how out of alignment my entire back was. I've been to other chiropractors before, but I really appreciate how upfront CORE is about their pricing and treatment plans. I also greatly appreciate that they don't try to upsell supplements or other products. Dr. Wafer is very kind, thorough, and patient, and his staff is pretty great too! So glad I found them 😊
Wendy Clark
22:25 26 Oct 19
Lizette Wende
18:59 24 Oct 19
Absolutely love it!
16:04 22 Oct 19
I did not realize how much discomfort I've been living with until a few weeks after his treatment. I can squat, touch my toes, and my mid back doesn't spasm. Dr. Wafer is wonderful and the in-house x rays, staff and overall efficiency of the office makes it easy to get in and out. I will gladly recommend his service to anyone.
Victor De Los Santos
21:23 19 Oct 19
Dr. Kevin is very knowledgeable and explains everything step by step. You know what you are fixing, how, and why. Appointments are very flexible and quick, which is good for my work schedule. Dr. Kevin and Bailey at the front desk are both very nice
Michael Castillo
16:14 19 Oct 19
Friendly staff and flexible with appointments. I have had back and neck pain for many years. They listen and take the time to provide proper treatment as needed. They have very modern equipment and offer a variety of treatments.My back and neck pain has improved and I will continue to use for adjustments to maintain
B Rose
19:23 18 Oct 19
I feel so much better after my time at CORE Chiropractic, they are professional and flexible, glad I went to see If they could help with hip and shoulder neck pain. Would definitely recommend you give them a visit if you think you need to see a chiropractor!
Natalie Read
16:11 18 Oct 19

I've been going to Core for about 5 years now and the chiropractic care is outstanding. I've been going to chiropractors since I was a kid and Dr. Wafer is the best! Friendly, fast, convenient and clean environment. Highly recommend!
Brock Kimball
22:39 12 Jun 20
I went for the first time a week ago because of sometimes sever lower back pain. I have not had any back pain since my first visit and we are working on alignment issues so I will continue to be pain free. They explained the xray results clearly and developed a plan that makes total sense. Great experience.
Edward Mulligan
21:38 09 Dec 19
I like how they treat their clients.
Nancy Safronsey Moritz
17:55 06 Dec 19
I walked into Dr. Wafer's office in some pretty serious neck pain. Less than a week later, I'm realizing just how out of alignment my entire back was. I've been to other chiropractors before, but I really appreciate how upfront CORE is about their pricing and treatment plans. I also greatly appreciate that they don't try to upsell supplements or other products. Dr. Wafer is very kind, thorough, and patient, and his staff is pretty great too! So glad I found them 😊
Wendy Clark
22:33 26 Oct 19
I’ve had two sessions so far and everything has gone well. He laid out a plan of treatment for me and was very professional.
Qousey Ben-Musa
22:21 04 Sep 19
Dr. Wafer is amazing! He’s very personable, very upfront & honest, & most of all he is great at what he does. I came to Dr. Wafer with lower back pain & very tense neck muscles (I hold a lot of tension in my neck). Dr. Wafer took x-rays before working on me & was able to pinpoint the issue right away. Since going to Dr. Wafer, my back pain has completed subsided & my neck muscles aren’t as tight.
Nish Nicole
07:11 31 Jan 19
Vicki Hall Backer
11:52 11 Apr 18
Friendly staff!!! Feeling good about this place.
Vicente Robles
21:19 10 Apr 18
Honestly, I was skeptical at first. I have had lower back pain for months with no relief and didn't want to take pills to try and fix it, Dr. Wafer diagnosed the issue with my pain on the first visit and within the first couple visits my pain was greatly relieved, it continues to improve with each adjustment, I'm a believer.
Christian Perry
17:47 24 Dec 17
I never believed in chiropractic care until I fell last year. Now I can't imagine not having it! Dr. Wafer is awesome. So is Arianna and the rest of the staff.
If you are looking for a sincere knowledgeable chiropractor, this is the place to go.
Ellyn Kruizenga
17:51 25 Jul 17
Honestly, I was skeptical at first. I have had lower back issues since I was a teenager and tried everything - even other chiropractors. Dr. Wafer diagnosed the issue with my painon the first visit, and set out on a path to correct it. Now, I can jog, play golf, work out and enjoy life without pain...it's a blessing! I am very grateful and recommend it to anyone! It is not immediate because it takes some time to properly correct the issue. Have patience, it works....Highly, highly recommend Dr. Wafer - top notch
Danny Wolter
02:38 09 May 17
No waiting, friendly staff, Dr. Wafer makes each appointment personal by asking questions about family and your day and he remembers... The office is clean and very comfortable. This is my first time to see a Chiropractor and I would highly recommend Dr. Wafer
Lisa Mendenhall
20:57 17 Apr 17
They are awesome here.i love that my back isn't sore when I get out of bed.ty so much for fixing my back
Joseph Lamanna
16:49 07 Mar 17
Beth Ortuño
14:27 17 Feb 17
Dr. Wafer is a great Chiropractor. Very friendly caring staff with a clean quiet office.
Cindy Gray
21:42 18 Sep 16
Dr. Wafer is a great chiropractor and the Energy Corridor is lucky to have him!
Philip V Cordova
21:20 29 Jun 16

Dr. Wafer and his staff are WONDERFUL! You can tell they care and do all they can to make you feel better. I've been coming here for a couple years and...
Ellyn K.
08:02 30 Nov 21
Amazing facility! Doctors and reception girls are outstanding. They make you feel welcomed each time, and greet you consistently.
Nadya E.
09:34 29 Oct 21
4+ years of chronic pain has led to quite a miserable life. I've tried many doctors and chiropractor services. Spent thousands of dollars on massages,...
Kat P.
09:01 30 Jul 21
These guys are always great with short notice scheduling, fantastic service and down home hospitality! Highly recommend them to anyone I know and as a...
Chad H.
11:40 26 May 21
I've been going to this office for a few years now. There's no one else I would trust with my care. Caring and friendly and most of all knowledgeable!...
Ellyn K.
09:51 20 May 21
I am so thankful for Dr. Wafer and everyone that works at Core Chiropractic- Energy Corridor. Professional folks that actually care about your well-being.
Ellyn K.
10:19 20 Nov 20
Dr. Wafer is the only doctor, I will let touch my neck. He has gotten me from having constant discomfort to just needing to going in every 4-6 weeks for...
Ellyn K.
14:34 24 Jul 20
Super accommodating, no "hidden fees" and super friendly office. Everything is straightforward and cost of treatment reviewed and options available for...
Caroline P.
12:56 15 Apr 20
Today I had a consult at core chiropractic.Bailey was very nice, she was quick to respond to me . Both doctors saw me today.( took my insurance) gave,...
Nancy M.
12:13 21 Nov 19
Dr Wafer saved my neck and back. I was able to make an easy online appointment and was seen the next day. I've gone back for a few follow ups and now I am...
Liz B.
12:32 08 Aug 19
Gather around, folks, and I'll tell you the story of pain and redemption.Around early 2016, I started working out at home to compliment the diet/health...
D. B.
13:22 27 Mar 19